Production of Endemic Microcrustacean Phronima Suppa (Phronima sp)to Subtitute Artemia salina in Tiger Prawn Cultivation

Fattah, Muhammad Hattah (2014) Production of Endemic Microcrustacean Phronima Suppa (Phronima sp)to Subtitute Artemia salina in Tiger Prawn Cultivation. Journal of Aquaculture Research & Development, 5 (5). pp. 1-5. ISSN 2155-9546

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1.1. production-of-endemic-microcrustacean-phronima-suppa-phronima-sp-to-subtitute-artemia-salina-in - Prof. Dr. Ir. H. Muh. Hattah F.pdf

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Abstract Phronima suppa (Phronima sp.) belongs to an endemic microcrustacea species inhabiting certain brackish water pond in Wiringtasi Village, Suppa Sub-district, Pinrang Regency, Indonesia. It has an important role to increase vitality and immunity of tiger prawn (Penaeus monodon) and to improve environmental quality of the brackish water pond. This species has potential chance to substitute the use of Artemia. Population of Phronima suppa in nature fluctuates, falls and even perishes after around 15 days. This study aims to produce Phronima suppa to be used as inoculant in the prawn brackish water pond and to substitute the use of Artemia in hatchery. The study is conducted in May to November, 2013 in the Field Laboratory of Fisheries and Maritime Science, Muslim University of Indonesia in Pinrang Regency. Phronima suppa is cultivated in controlled basin under treatment (A) by Chlorella sp, treatment (B) by Chaetoceros sp, and treatment (C) by combining Chlorella sp and Chaetoceros sp. Observed variables consist of production and water quality. The study is designed in form of Completely Randomized Design (CRD) by three treatments, while each of the treatments consist of three repetitions. Combination of Chlorella sp and Chaetoceros sp (treatment C) delivers the highest production by 35.67 ± 15.01 individual/l followed by treatment B by 34.67 ± 7.51 individual/l and treatment A by 27.35 ± 0.57 individual. This production increases in day 17 up to day 24. Productive period of Phronima suppa in the controlled basin is longer than in endemic habitat

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